Georgia MetalCoat operates from a 12,000 sq. foot facility in Bishop, Georgia, just 12 miles south of Athens. Our industrial facility is equipped with a 25 x 12 foot paint booth, 2 batch ovens, and sandblasting booth. Our largest oven is 8 x 8 x 20 ft, to accommodate large pieces or high quantities.We can come to your to quote on your project, or you can email us a photo of your items. Once you have chosen from one of our standard colors or custom colors, we will prepare your item for coating. The key to successful powder coating is to prepare the metal substrate by removing the oxide layer, leaving a pure metal surface for the coating can bond to. All metal surfaces and welds to be powder coated shall be thoroughly cleaned of rust, mill scale, slag, dirt, oil or grease and other foreign substances. Some items require solvent cleaning to remove dirt, oil, grease, or weld fume deposits. Typical cleaning solvents, such as mineral spirits or high-flash naphtha, are used to remove oil and grease.

Other items may require hand or power tool cleaning to clean light deposits of rust.
Primarily, we use blast cleaning to prepare items for coating. This removes all dirt, grease, rust scale, foreign material and mill scale, rust, old paint, and slight steaks or minor discolorations caused by stains of rust or previously applied paint. Bead blasting leaves bare steel surfaces that provide excellent adherence to the powder coating. After blasting operations are completed, all surfaces are cleaned of blasting products and other residue by the use of compressed air or vacuum.

Each item we coat here at Georgia MetalCoat is thoroughly inspected for quality and we pay close attention to each and every detail of the process. Our company began over 25 ago, making coatings for the wood products industry powder coating is a recent expansion of that business. In addition to powder coating we offer welding and metal fabrication services.

Georgia MetalCoat, Bishop Georgia.
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