YETI Your Way!

Power coated YETi

Georgia MetalCoat can create YETI in almost any color, with logo or quotes!

The Power Coated YETI

I must admit, when the YETI craze started I was a bit skeptical. A stainless steel cup. Big deal. Who needs a drink that cold? But then a customer sent us boxes of the drinking vessels to powder coat. Some had already been experimented with…engraved or otherwise coated in a way that was going to render the cup unsellable, so I decided to take one of these cups and give it a try.

Coffee at first. I couldn’t believe it. Normally, after a brew from my fancy Keurig the great tasting coffee becomes tepid after just a few minutes. Not in the YETI! This amazing insulated cup kept my beverage warm for hours! I was sold.

From there I decided to try something cold, so one evening I mixed up a margarita and even the next morning I had ice in the cup. Awesome and now I get that people love the YETI and other insulated stainless cups but they also love making them their own.

Since that day I have powder coated YETI cups in many ways. Copper vein for my coffee YETI and a mint green for my Margarita YETI. We now offer personalized, powder coated YETI cups in any color you choose and can use vinyl stickers to block off logos of your favorite sports team (Go DAWGS!), names, and favorite quotes.

What unique ideas do you have for a YETI?